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With our extensive knowledge of survey and using the latest survey methods, we provide our clients with reliable highly accurate 2D/3D data, at a competitive price to meet the needs of the design team.



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Rights Of Light:

At Absolute Survey in order to produce a thorough Rights of Light model using the latest in Survey equipment we combine 3 types of survey in order to produce the most accurate model for analysis purposes. 

A 3D model is created using the final sets of plans, the internal are than added be-hing each window, this than allows for a rights of light analysis. They are usually required where a proposed development is likely to infringe on a neighbors right to light, and are used to ensure the development falls within legal requirements.





  • The footprint is a basic topographic survey to provide with levels, building outlines and road data. It may also contain walls,fences and trees as these need to be consider within the Rights of Light analysis. 
  • The Footprint survey is no less accurate it cant be updated to a topographic survey at anytime, it allows us to depict the essential information required.


  • The roof survey is essential for volumetric modeling as well as showing setbacks, parapet walls and capping stones, sloping skylights, dormers etc…
    all of which need to be evaluated in a Rights of Light analysis.



  • When Creating the elevations a datum is created relevant to the building it representing, The main features need for Right of Light analysis are surveyed and drawn such as windows, balconies, stairwells, and setbacks.
  • The Elevation than can be flipped up on its datum and embedded into the 3D model.



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