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With our extensive knowledge of survey and using the latest survey methods, we provide our clients with reliable highly accurate 2D/3D data, at a competitive price to meet the needs of the design team.



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Topographic Survey

Absolute Survey Ltd undertakes topographical site surveys using the latest surveying equipment, enabling data to be recorded and processed efficiently and accurately. This requires gathering information through observations, measurement in the field, and data analysis in the support of planning, designing, and establishing of property boundaries. It involves the re-establishment of land boundaries if necessary/requested based on documents of record and historical evidence, as well as certifying surveys (as required by statute or Local ordinance) of subdivision plats/maps, registered land surveys. As well as providing mapping for planning permission, we can provide services such as underground service tracing and constructional setting out. For further please see the relevant categories.

Absolute Survey Ltd can provide volumetric surveys. 3D digital terrain models can be shown in several formats to give accurate areas and volumes for fill/cut balancing, land fill sites, and any other project requiring the monitoring of earth movement. Using GPS equipment survey control can be related to the Ordnance Survey National Grid Network.

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